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Rentals / Leases

If you think new laundry equipment isn’t in the budget – think again. Texas Coin and Commercial Laundry offers custom on-premise laundry rental and leasing programs so you can benefit from the latest in laundry technology with no money down. We work with you to craft a custom laundry solution to eliminate your laundry issues, select and install the proper equipment, train employees and handle all maintenance and repair.

What’s in it for you?

    • Save money

      No money down means your initial payment is first month’s rental and a security deposit. Save your lines of credit for another project. You also gain cost control benefits from annual budgeting stability for the life of the rental agreement.

    • Free service

      Your rental agreement includes free service (parts and labor) and regular maintenance by the Texas Coin and Commercial Laundry experts.

    • Tax advantages

      Monthly rental payments are tax-deductible operating expenses that you can budget for accurately.

    • Lower utility expenses

      Our high efficiency equipment can provide significant savings on gas, water and sewer while increasing your productivity.

    • Complete flexibility

      You choose to purchase the equipment outright or upgrade your equipment after your rental period is complete.

Contact us today to sign up or learn more about how our on-premise laundry rental and leasing programs can benefit your business. Hablamos Español.