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Schools, Colleges and Universities

Texas Coin and Commercial Laundry provides solutions for schools, colleges and universities

Sports Laundry, Managed Laundry RoomsIt’s a universal truth: Students of all ages produce a lot of laundry. Texas Coin and Commercial Laundry offers the best in commercial washer and dryer equipment to tackle linens, clothing, uniforms and much more.

We have solutions to fit every laundry need – from a full line of commercial-grade vended laundry equipment to giant-load industrial sizes to smaller, single load equipment. All designed with cutting edge technology and efficiency in mind.

Texas Coin and Commercial Laundry can help make your university, college or school laundry facilities productive and cost effective, whether you’re building new or upgrading an existing operation.

Contact us today for more information and to enhance your on-premise laundry facility. Hablamos español.